Me and Freckles, Mojave Desert circa 1972

Me and my daughter, August, 2014

Me and my daughter, August, 2014

Effortliss Equine 

Horses for life, barefoot for life, biomechanics for life, wellness for life.

Sole proprietor, Aidan McFall, developed Quality Horsemanship LLC in 2007 to facilitate advanced care practices for domesticated equines.

Our goal: build vitality!

The data, and services available, generated from my experiences are the basis of this site,

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BA, Biology, UC Berkeley 1990

PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, UW Madison 1998

CP (Certified Practitioner) .. Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices 2008

Adult Horse Experience - Extensive Natural Horsemanship background starting with Parelli and transitioning with B. Graef and L. Desmond among many others. Why? Because observation, understanding and communication can achieve everything we could possibly dream of with our horses. And, as we advance, the windfall of gorgeous, healthy, and effortliss biomechanics (for both species involved) and evolutionary health, or the tremendous and overwhelming wave of health that comes for free if we access native design potential.

A big thanks to all the people and horses who have, are currently, and will in the future, inspire and educate me!

Me and a hoof care client 2014

Me and a hoof care client 2014