I asked my owners if they wanted to have a "voice" here in this website. Perhaps telling other horse owners or equine researchers and the veterinary community about what they think are key aspects to their horse's well being or what types of research and services they would like to see provided in the future. Perhaps telling what their goals for their horses are. Perhaps telling about excellence in natural horsemanship, classical horsemanship, natural hoof care, evolutionary health (or perhaps we should call it revolutionary health? the health that comes for free when we access the potential of native design), equitation science, welfare, or any other educational avenue that has enhanced the value of their lives and their horse's lives. Perhaps telling about the role of me in their horse's lives, why I would make a good fit for someone needing horse services or as a part of an institution conducting education and research, or what they dream of for the horse's of this country or the world. And this is how they replied.....



What makes Aidan McFall an integral part of my horses’ health and welfare?

Aidan has known me and my horses for almost ten years now.  With such a long relationship, I trust her to notice subtle changes in my horse’s lifestyle and behavior between her visits.  Aidan always catches and shares with me things I may not have observed for lack of an objective eye.  In addition, we have worked through many trials and adventures through our professional relationship.  This has created a level of trust and faith I have not experienced with any other equine professional.  Aidan has cared for my horses from the time they were weanlings – in fact, she has shaped their comfort and behavior for hoof care!  (This would explain their excellent behavior for her visits.) 

 Aidan is a superb problem solver and critical thinker.  This is undoubtedly due in part to her academic background, but I also feel Aidan has a confident personality that allows her to be constantly thinking with an open mind about the next step to success.  Open thinking is lacking in the horse world, and I LOVE the conversations that Aidan and I find ourselves wandering into.  When I am frustrated with something I am experiencing with my horse, I often find myself contacting Aidan for some brainstorming and open discussion.  In fact, this rarely pertains to my horse’s hooves!  More often, we are collaborating on ways to increase my horse’s health, in a broad sense.  As a horsewoman, I tend to get stuck wearing “blinders” about a given obstacle.  I can always count on Aidan to suggest a different approach, typically in a direction I hadn’t even considered.  We have the same goals for my animals: health, vitality, and happiness.

Hand in hand with those problem solving skills is the ability to communicate, share knowledge, and incite understanding.  Aidan looks at the “big picture” with my horses.  When I am having an issue, sometimes she will suggest things that I don’t correlate with the problem at hand.  Aidan’s ability to tie all this knowledge together and communicate it to me effectively is indispensable.  Pulling from an enormous well of experience, Aidan helps me implement ideas and concepts that would leave me lost on my own.  Likewise, Aidan helps me understand the implications and results of these concepts after we apply them to my horses.  At times, I see a result, but I don’t understand how and why we achieved this result.  Aidan’s scientific background allows her to break down the facts in a way I understand, developing me as both an academic and a horsewoman along the way. 

Aidan’s concern for me and, more importantly, my horse’s welfare is always palpable.  This is absolutely the most important reason why Aidan always be a vital part of my horse’s health. As a horse owner, my horse’s health and happiness is supremely important to me.  He is my child!  When we experience obstacles to these goals, Aidan is the person I trust to help us get back on track.  Just as importantly, my horses trust Aidan to treat him with respect, fairness, and kindness.  In nearly a decade of handling my horses, I have never once felt Aidan reacted unfairly or handled my horses in way that made me uncomfortable.  Often, she does a better job handling them than I do! Aidan is not in a hurry to “get the job done,” and she is not coming to my home to care for my prized possessions in exchange for a paycheck.  She is invested in my horse’s health and she is the critical component, as his health comes from the ground up.  Aidan gives my horse the gift of healthy movement, and there is no drug or therapy that can replace that most basic building block of success and happiness for my horse. 

As a lifelong horsewoman, as well as an aspiring veterinary technician, I recommend Aidan McFall without reservation to anyone in the horse industry who is looking for a better approach to horse health.

Lauren Sarah Ross



I am writing this on behalf of Dr. Aidan McFall, Quality Horsemanship.  First of all I began my journey with Aidan when I was trying to find a good farrier; someone who would trim the natural way, the barefoot way sometime around the year 2006.  I had become disenchanted with the traditional farrier methods with shoes, or trimming their hooves so they were sore and just not moving right, and of course the rough handling.   The whole experience just didn't seem the right thing for me and certainly not for the overall health of my horses.

I have known Aidan for around 8 years now and not only has she brought my horses to unbelievable health (i.e., soundness) in the way she trims them, she is also all about the "well being" of the entire horse; to include habitat, footing, proper feed, nutrients, and exercise.

I have boarded at many places that kept them stalled a great deal and she always drilled into me the importance of exercise; how stress can affect their feet and health, and how lack of turnout and boredom affects them.    She  takes a great deal of time when trimming them, and because of her wealth of knowledge and experience in handling of the horses through feel and release, vs the traditional handling of pressure and release, (and if that doesn't work, more pressure and release), my horses stand for her untied,  are happy with the whole experience, and move out wonderfully.............

When the first horse I ever owned broke her humerus bone in pasture and I had to take her to OSU and eventually put her down; I contacted my friend Aidan who met me at OSU around midnight.............I will never forget her support in that moment as it was so devastating to me to have to put down my first horse..............she and I had worked with feel and release with my mare, and her feet were awesome through 2 years of the right kind of trim............in fact the vet at OSU told me she had not seen a thoroughbred with hooves like hers.........and believe me we didn't start  out that way.

I know that what Aidan does for the health of my horses cannot be matched by anyone I have come into contact with in the horse world.  She focuses on their feet, but it goes much further than that to their body, the way they should move, their mind.............their overall health and happiness!  I am so thankful that Aidan has been a part of my life and my horses lives............I would recommend her to absolutely anyone wanting to help their horse thrive........................her new website holds a wealth of information she has put together over her years of experience working with a wide range of horses at varied levels of growth, development and health!   /Janet



I have always tried to do what is best for my horses.  I often sought advice from 

“knowledgeable” horse people with years of experience with horses.  I found that many of the 

traditional ways of caring for and training horses did not provide a long term solution and 

ultimately lessened the quality of the relationship I desire to have with my horses.  What I was 

doing wasn’t working, so I began my own personal journey towards finding a better way.   I 

have seen firsthand the amazing transformations that can occur when we practice the basics of 

natural horsemanship.  The most profound changes have come after transitioning my horses 

from shoes to the natural wild horse model trim.  

My horses have suffered from white line disease, thrush, and hoof abscesses at various times 

throughout my early horse ownership days.   Consequently, I was battling lameness issues on a 

regular basis.   I spent a lot of time and money treating these ailments.  I knew something had 

to change and the idea of nailing metal into the bottom of a horses’ hoof never made a whole 

lot of sense to me.   I educated myself on the wild horse model trim and sought out a 

professional to help me with my horses.

Aidan has been trimming my horses for over 5 years now.  I could not be happier with the 

results.  I have had absolutely no lameness issues since I began the natural hoof trim.  No more 

white line, no more thrush, and no more abscesses.  I am so pleased with the strength and 

solidity of my horses’ hooves.   Even my horses’ overall body conformation has changed for the 

better.   They appear more balanced and move more fluidly and naturally.  I can feel the 

difference when I ride.

Aidan’s services go far beyond just trimming the hoof.  She has taught me about the 

importance of the environment and food we provide our horses.  She has introduced me to the 

concept of paddock paradise and I am gradually trying to incorporate these ideals into my farm.  

Horses need to move, be social, and have access to quality hay.  My horses are never stalled.  

They are provided 24/7 turnout with access to fresh hay at all times.   I truly believe this has 

made my horses happier.   Their behavior has vastly improved both on the ground and in the 

saddle.   They are also more physically fit as a result.

Thank you Aidan for the positive impacts you have made on my life and the lives of my horses.  

My horses are happier and healthier at 20 years of age than they were at 10.  I have witnessed 

an amazing transformation over the past 5 years.  Thank you for being a part of my journey to 

health and wellness.



Has it really been 7 years?

Dr. Aidan Mcfall has been my horses’ trimmer and overall friend to me & my horses for 7 wonderful 

years.  She has shared her knowledge freely over the years with the result of happier& healthier horses 

(and owner). 

I have learned from Aidan how habitat, diet & horse handling has major benefits on my horse’s health 

and behavior. I have changed a lot since knowing & learning from Aidan. My horse are no longer stalled, 

although they have free access to their stall if they choose. They are not shod, they have been 

barefooted & properly trimmed with the result of visibly being more comfortable while navigating their 

environment. Their diet is simple (and a lot cheaper) than what I was previously  led to believe it had to 

be.  My horse handling has improved to allow me the freedom of not having any more “fights” with my 


Aidan has taught me how clear instructions & my positioning can send a precise request to the horse 

without making it difficult to the horse to understand. And even most important, how to keep emotion 

out of all horse interactions. 

Overall, it has been a tremendous experience to have you as a friend to me & my 2 horses. I don’t 

know what I would do  without you.

May you live long and prosper.




I have been a client of Quality Horsemanship, Dr. Aidan McFall since 2008.  I purchased my first horse and everyone seemed to have an opinion about putting shoes on him.  He is a draft/quarter mix with awesome hooves.  I trail ride and also ride in the arena so I saw no reason to put shoes on him.  I used the barn’s farrier and he also suggested shoes but I wouldn’t do it.  Luckily I came upon Dr. Aidan McFall.  My horse has had the natural trim since 2008 and hasn’t missed a step yet! 

She now takes care of my husbands retired roping horse who was shod his entire life.  We pulled his shoes and after about 2 natural trims I couldn’t believe the difference in his confirmation.  He didn’t seem as sway backed, his belly seemed to have tightened up, his legs seemed straighter and his hooves became very healthy.  He may not rope anymore, but this 26 year old can walk, trot and canter like a younger horse.

Being a new horse owner I had several questions beside hoofcare that Dr. McFall helped me with.  She educated me on timing of vaccines, pasture turnout, pasture management and what to feed an easy keeper and a senior horse, etc.  My “boys” are turned out 24/7 unless there is extreme weather.  They get to be horses instead of being put in a stall for hours/days upon end.  Not only are their hooves healthy because of Dr. McFall, but their overall health has improved since being her client.

Ride on,

Martha Keech