I am dedicated to providing the very best in natural hoof trimming for my clients. I explore the biomechanics of body and hoof through photography and provide global wellness support. We will work to produce quality in the horse - human experience to maximize healthy and effective communication, healthy lifestyle and biomechanics, the creation of enhanced athletic potential and excellence in hoof care during all phases of life and training, and under all medical conditions. 

My hope for this business is for it to expand its research effort. As such, I am dedicated to integrating with the existing research, veterinary and training culture to include more long term wellness studies for equines, including research in the fields of sports medicine, biomechanics and unfixed, deformable orthotics, through an understanding and utilization of the inherent, native and accessible vitality of the horse. 

I welcome you to support this site and help me to visualize and create a better health future through research for our equine friends and for ourselves.

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