Barefoot RUNNING :)!

People have been running barefoot for about 2 million years and equids with the modern hoof about 12 million years.

Did you catch that? MILLIONs.....MILLIONs....... MILLIONs.....of years.

Now, there were no podiatrists or ibuprofen or any sports medicine specialists during most of this time. Yet, we thrived. The very fact that we thrived, that any species thrives, should lead you to ponder: What amazing potential is inherent to native design?

I am not sure why modern medicine in western culture is so committed to the cup being half empty as opposed to half full, ie that your body is "flawed and not enough" as opposed to "has riches available to you that we are only beginning to understand."

It probably has 99% to do with economics, the basic economic consumerism and basic economic predation that is so much a part of our lives that we truly cannot distinguish between the phrase "health care" and the word "business."

So, I wonder what amazing health benefits are possible if we contemplate adding a little barefoot to our lives???? To our horses lives??????

How do we unleash some of this native design potential we, and our horses, are born with? 

What fun questions! 

Habitat, use, diet, our's in there! 

Observe my presentations and go wild on the web! Combine that with a little common sense and wah lah! We, and our horses, are better!