My perfect Equine Wellness Institute

Let's write a grant!

My thoughts for the day, just to get them out there and to start to generate some discussion:

Central Ohio Equine Wellness Institute

Mission: To build the vitality of the domesticated equine.

Goals: Our research goals are to establish baseline data of what is possible in domestication if we maximize the expression of the native design potential of the horse. These goals will be met through the establishment of "blue zone" (vitality) principals in small acreage, guided by both human and equine on-going research, combined with LINT/L- OFM (Least Invasive Natural Trim/Lifestyle based on Optimal Feral Modeling) and LIMT (Least Invasive Medical Treatment) practices for both homeostasis (birth to death) and acute medical situations,  as appropriate. These goals will help us to determine whether popular practices, medical or otherwise, help, hinder, or have no effect on the domesticated equine.

These goals will be appropriate for: the equine pet, athlete and patient.

These goals will have the secondary effect of advancing our understanding of the biology of the horse and its integration with emergent medical principals and practices (human and equine) and aid in the likely creation of new technologies and medicines for both diagnosis and treatment of conditions that afflict equines, and potentially other, species.


Basic goals:

1) Show what the LINT/L- OFM looks like at the hoof, body and habitat level through intensive imaging (photograpy, X-Rays, film) of equines in various habitat, use and medical scenarios. All mapped variables with be correlated with vitality outcome. Owner and facility inclusion.

2) Use of intensive imaging to understand the difference between basic proprioception of functioning biological systems and conventional thoughts on "lameness and pain" with the goal of optimizing physical function. This includes the use of extant and developing hoof boots, and unfixed orthotic inserts, to assess performance in athletic endeavors. Owner and facility inclusion.


Advanced goals:

1) Sophisticated analysis of gait in response to the LINT/L-OFM both in athletic endeavors and "at ease" with the hopes of developing neuromuscular standards/techniques for training and recovery from injury.

2) Recovery rate analysis with LINT/L-OFM and LIMT in response to laminitis and founder. Correlation of outcome with endocrine markers.

3) Establishment of alternative athletic equine industries with these goals: 1) using exclusively adults in competition, 2) using equines that are physically raised and trained in correspondence with the LINT/L-OFM and LIMT principals and 3) using animals whose trainer's and rider's goals are to, first and foremost, both preserve and release natural collection in athletic endeavors.