I just visited Horses for LIFETM, the online magazine, and in particular, their Facebook page and wow! my eyes actually started to tear up....

When I last visited this site, I don't know, several years ago, there was, on my part, a perceived tone of anger and judgement. (Something we, as humans, all struggle with and you will see some of that struggle here as well as I try to discuss medical topics in my Modern Medicine Presentation.) Hyperflexion was the overwhelming topic of the time. That same anger and judgment was such a component of common discourse for groups that were supposedly advocating for the horse, most especially the hoof care community, that I simply withdrew for many years in an attempt to develop my own "best voice." (Still working on that one :) ...)

However, how wonderful to look out from under my turtle shell and see the amazing things going on. And I think much of this we owe to the photographers who have captured the well horse. I think these images have done so much to soothe and lead the human.

photo by John Wheland, rock star in my eyes!

photo by John Wheland, rock star in my eyes!

Our wellness and their wellness are intimately linked.

I have a wish. These same photographers who capture the well horse. Can they capture the well human?  

My wish today is for Blue Zone Photography of Humans. The photographic capture of the well human. When people know how to be well, themselves, their ability to create a well horse grows exponentially.

What we have seen is this: a concept like classical dressage turned into micromanagement, control, money. A concept like natural horsemanship turned into micromanagement, control, money. A concept like natural hoof care turned into micromanagement, control, money. A concept like equine veterinary care turned into micromanagement, control, money. Human concepts: the law, health care, medicine, education ... micromanagement, control, money.

How do we change this? 

Production. We consider these horse photos as art, but to a scientist, they are are both data and art. They are production.

I sense convergence. Wellness. The intersection of the principals of classical dressage, which are really just the conscious art of horse-rider, an understanding of optimal feral habitat leading to optimal domesticated habitat, yoga, spirituality, natural horsemanship, medicine, science, love, laughter, etc. etc. 

The beautiful photography and written word of Horses for LIFE and their highlighting of the artist Tony Stromberg have me incredibly hopeful. 


production of wellness: the art of humanity ... Aidan