"Where should I start looking for ideas and community for me and my horse?"

Well, let me tell you!!!!!

A great place to start is The Horse's Hoof, magazine and Facebook page.

The barefoot movement is really just symbolic of mankind's pursuit of joy, excellence, spirituality, meaning, fun, value........ all that good stuff that causes our brief time here on the planet to be worth something, for us and those that we care about and, really, all the connected world.

Because the movement is hoof centric, sometimes we forget it is also horsemanship centric, human centric, world centric and universe centric. 

So, the best place to really go to start any search for joy with your horse, which is really how we know we are on the right track in our lives, is someplace like the Facebook page of The Horse's Hoof. From here you can go zinging around the virtual world connecting with all sorts of wonderful and positive things.

It also fufills the practical goal of getting in touch with what is happening in the United States and Beyond with the barefoot movement and all of the people and organizations that comprise that movement.

Happy surfing and remember, the best gift you can give yourself and your horse is your agenda-free shared time. Make a lunch date, read a book in the pasture, hang out, go someplace fun ... enjoy!  Aidan