What does it look like?

What does it look like when 2 beings occupy time and space in a meaningful way?

This is me and a client. I trim many of my horses loose. How do I accomplish that? What does this horse's expression and body tell you? Do you think I control this horse or do you think I control myself and inspire this horse to understand what I need to get my job done?

Check out the two different organism's research experience......

barefoot human on a treadmill     versus      equine endoscopy at Rood and Riddle

For the human video I am really interested in you comparing minutes 1:54 through 2:20 versus the totality of the horse video......tell me what you see......hint: objectification/control/tension of an organism versus autonomy/respect/relaxation...

How does how we treat or perceive an organism affect the idea of medicine or appropriate biomechanics for it?

One of our major sources of lameness is the whole body physical consequences of pulling/affecting/controlling the head (human handling) in conflict with native design and autonomous use while the horse is in motion.......Can we do better? The answer is yes....not necessarily for a specific medical event or task, but overall, absolutely yes...ask me how!