Below are the types of projects I would most like to see an academic research organization or equine veterinary college develop in a Wellness Department with me, or someone like me, at the helm. 


Project one : The kinematics of health biomechanics

Project two: Effective horse - human communication to best preserve the kinematics of health biomechanics

Project three : Lifelong Wellness : A database effort to identify, describe and record variables that affect equine well being to ultimately improve the quality of equine medicine through an enhanced understanding of cause and effect.

Project four: Extensive and Intensive Description of Various Hoof Care Practices and their correlation to Lifelong Wellness Outcome.

Project five: Materials and Form Development for Superior Unfixed Orthotics and Orthotic Inserts

Project six: Comparison of outcome with LIMA (least invasive medical approach) versus MIMA (maximally invasive medical approach) in the management of acute and chronic laminitis.

Project seven: Identification of habitat design elements that improve movement, degree of socialization, and hoof and body biomechanics.

Project eight: Comparison of methodology for treatment of thrush and white line disease, LIMA versus MIMA and various chemical approaches in both contexts, with a focus on chlorhexidine, and human-grade antibiotics and antifungals 

Project nine: Can angiogenesis applications or dopamine mimics improve survival and quality of life for equines suffering from acute and chronic laminitis?

Project ten: Correlation of stress/endocrine biomarkers, lifestyle and use choices, medical outcome and lifelong wellness for equines. IL-6, TNF-alpha, CRP, IGF-1, cortisol, DHEA, adrenaline, insulin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, dompamine and aldosterone.